Exmouth Christmas Day Swim

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The Exmouth Christmas day swim takes place on Christmas day every year. The event attracts thousands of people with many being brave enough to take the plunge and go for a swim in the waters just of Exmouth beach. If you do not fancy braving the cold there is even a webcam for you to view, the Exmouth Seafront Webcam and Daniel Smith Photography try to attend every year to take pictures and video.

An Exmouth Christmas Tradition since 1970. Picture sent in by Kath Binmore from 1972.

An Exmouth Christmas Tradition since 1970. Picture sent in by Kath Binmore from 1972.

Please note, we are not the organisers of this tradition and this is an unorganised tradition we just want to document on camera for future generations.

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8 Responses to Exmouth Christmas Day Swim

  1. A great event once again this year and we’ve already heard people planning next year!

  2. Jules Kingshott says:

    Cannot wait to take part for the first time. My partner n I already decided previously to spend Christmas Day on a beach having a picnic….

    So what a great location decider this is …

    I only heard of it coz I flicked through tv channels briefly pausing on itv with old Richard n just show not sure of real name, when this was mentioned!!!

    My partner however is a yellow belly n is going to be my towel holder!!! Ha ha ha ha

  3. Roger Bourgein says:

    Exmouth Town Crier will be there from 10am! x x :-)

  4. Lisa says:

    Hi. Just wondering what the actual time is for the swim to take place is it correct at 11:00am or does the swim happen before this.

  5. angela cooke says:

    I’m writing a feature for a national women’s magazine on women who go swimming on Christmas day. I’d love to talk to a woman who’s taken part – and is going to take part – in this event. Is there anyone i can talk to who would point me in the right direction? For the magazine I’d need a hardy swimmer between the ages of 40 and 55.

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