The aim of this website is purely to help archive and document one of the largest Christmas Swims in the world and showcase it to the world.

The website attracts thousands of unique visitors each and is within the top 3 for the search terms, Christmas Day Swim. We have a variety of advertising packages available on the website with photographs available on request to be used elsewhere by other media outlets.

Key Stats  (correct as of 12rd December 2016)

The site was launched on December 20th 2012 and since then, we have had a large growth in traffic. Every year, we see an increase in traffic both on the website and the Facebook page.

Search Engine Positions.

  • christmas day swim” position 1
  • exmouth christmas day swim” position 1
  • christmas day” position 3
  • christmas swim” position 1



Ways to advertise

At the moment, we do not want to fill the site with loads of advertising so have 1 option available. You may buy a yearly banner on the right hand side of the site, first come first serve the first being situated at the top. Cost £50 per year including artwork (unless supplied). Artwork size is 237px by 86px.


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