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The Christmas swim started in 1970, long before the creation of this website that was created in 2012 in an effort to create an archive of photographs to show how Exmouth celebrates Xmas. As such, we are on the look out for photographs from 1970 onwards so we can all see how the event has grown and changed over the years.

It is also important to remember, that this event is not organised and is especially not organised by the operators of this website. This is a real tradition that has been going on for over 40 years! A truely special thing I am sure you will agree.

Have you been to the Christmas Day Swim before? We would love to hear what you think and get your photographs! Sign our guestbook below and please send us your photographs if you have any!

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  1. I have been going down to the swim every year since 2007. What great fun and long may it continue! Merry Christmas Exmouth, hope you enjoy the photographs on this site.

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